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Unique objects require special coverage

February 18th, 2024  |  Home Insurance

Do you have precious family heirlooms, collect antiques, fine arts or sports memorabilia? If the answer is yes it’s important to know that…

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How tenant insurance protects renters

February 13th, 2024  |  Renters Insurance

If you’re a renter, did you know covering your belongings will likely cost less a month than a daily cup of coffee? It’s an affordable way …

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Understanding car depreciation

February 6th, 2024  |  Auto

All vehicles lose value over time. According to sources such as Kelley Blue Book Canada car depreciation impacts every vehicle, whether you…

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What food delivery, rideshare drivers need to know

February 1st, 2024  |  Auto Insurance

If you’ve opted to be a food delivery or rideshare driver make sure your insurer knows. Because you are using your vehicle for both busines…

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Feds to hold auto theft summit in early February

February 1st, 2024  |  Auto Insurance

Political leaders, police, border agents and auto industry executives will soon meet to try and develop better ways to slow the growth in a…

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How much do you know about EV auto insurance?

January 29th, 2024  |  Auto Insurance

Electric vehicles are insured much like any other car. While they have been known for being more expensive to insure in the past, the gap i…

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