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8 things to do in Calgary this long weekend

July 31st, 2017  |  Travel

Calgary is one of Canada’s great cities. The winters are long but warm Chinook winds pass through occasionally, making the weather quite…

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How much of a difference will the interest hike make for a mortgage?

July 30th, 2017  |  Home

On July 12, 2017, the Bank of Canada did something it hadn’t done for almost seven years – Read More

A complete list of driving infractions and how they impact insurance in Ontario

July 27th, 2017  |  Auto

There are a lot of driving infractions out there. How are they classified? And what kind of an impact do they have on a driver's insuran…

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Why does your commute affect the cost of your auto insurance?

July 26th, 2017  |  Auto Insurance

If you’ve recently moved or changed jobs, you might be worried about the affect your new commute will have on your auto insurance policy…

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How to protect yourself from credit card fraud

July 25th, 2017  |  Travel

As us Canadians head out to travel this summer, we will be using our credit cards often. Here are some handy tips to protect you from cr…

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Travel Insurance Average: North America

July 23rd, 2017  |  Travel Insurance

Ever wondered how much you should expect to pay for travel insurance based on the country or region you're visiting? Here's your chance …

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