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Understanding insurance dispute resolution

September 18th, 2023  |  Home Insurance

Let’s say you’ve made a claim on your home insurance after a tree fell on your roof during a storm. The contractor has come and gone but yo…

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Your questions answered about severe weather coverage

September 11th, 2023  |  Home Insurance

If your home and car has been damaged by severe weather once it is safe to do so contact your insurer. They will answer questions about you…

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Understanding insurance claims and disaster recovery

September 4th, 2023  |  Home Insurance

Whether it’s a wildfire or severe flooding as was recently experienced in Nova Scotia, picking up the pieces after a disaster isn’t easy. Y…

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Is spilling coffee on yourself a drive-thru auto accident?

August 28th, 2023  |  Auto Insurance

Ontario’s Licence Appeal Tribunal (LAT) has ruled in favour of an insurer in an accident benefits case after finding a driver’s use and ope…

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What happens if my car is a write-off?

August 21st, 2023  |  Auto Insurance

While no one wants to think about their vehicle being written off after an accident, it’s good to know how the process works if it does.

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Almost half of drivers don’t restrain pets: Survey

August 14th, 2023  |  Auto

A dog hangs halfway out a back window while a vehicle passes on the road. Familiar sight? Nearly half of Canadians admitted to driving with…

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