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Easy do it yourself winter vehicle maintenance

December 29th, 2013  |  Insurance

Vehicle maintenance can be a difficult task for many people to do over the year, but in colder weather, it can be even more difficult. Rega…

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Winter Driving Tip: See and Be Seen

December 27th, 2013  |  Insurance

Visibility is a key issue when it comes to winter driving. All drivers need to see and be seen on the roadways in order avoid collisions…

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Planning a trip for March break? Why you should book now

December 24th, 2013  |  Insurance

Even though most people are focused on Christmas, holiday parties, and the New Year’s during the holiday season, it is also a good time …

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Winter Car Maintenance throughout the Season

December 23rd, 2013  |  Insurance

Most people understand the importance of having their vehicle serviced and installing their winter tires come November of each year. Get…

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Winter road trip travel tips

December 21st, 2013  |  Insurance

The summer is not the only time of the year when people plan road trips. Here in places like Ontario, Alberta, and throughout the rest o…

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10 Insurance Related News Year’s Resolutions

December 20th, 2013  |  Insurance

As 2014 gets rolling, it is important to set some goals and objectives for the year ahead from a personal, professional, and financial p…

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