Travelling Teddy Bear Finds His Way Home

October 1st, 2015  |  Canadian Business

It was a sad moment for one little girl when she discovered her teddy bear, Ra Ra, was forgotten far away from her Martensville, Saskatchewan, home.

Her family called Toronto’s Pearson Airport who, luckily, located the wayward bear and promised to send him home right away.

Ra Ra had lots of adventures before getting back to his best friend in Saskatchewan and Pearson Airport staff took some pictures before bidding him adieu on his flight home.

Staff shared the bear’s big travels on Pearson’s Facebook page .

Ra Ra woke up in a drawer and realized his best friend was nowhere in sight. He needed to get home and his new buddies at Toronto Pearson were going to help him catch that flight.

His first stop was airport security where got a really neat picture taken of himself as he rollered through the X ray machine.

Ra Ra had places to be so he jumped on a moving sidewalk to get to the right gate and catch is flight.

Ra Ra had some time to show off some new Jays gear he found at one of the airport stores. Don’t tell his Saskatchewan best friend but he’s a die-hard Toronto fan!

Ra Ra made some friends along the way and promised to Facebook them when he got back home.

Toronto Pearson made sure Ra Ra had a grown up bear to help him get home.

He arrived home safely and his little friend was over the moon to have him back.

It’s best when travelling goes smoothly but sometimes things happen and luggage gets lost, it’s important to follow up with the airport baggage claim office and contact your travel insurance provider about any missing valuables.

Images Courtesy of the Toronto Pearson/Facebook