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Saskatchewan distracted drivers will be fined up to $2,100 very soon

December 1st, 2019  |  News

Laws surrounding distracted driving have tightened up substantially in Canada over the last few years. Penalties cost hundreds of dollars, giving even more incentive to keep your eyes on the road while driving.

However, Saskatchewan law enforcement is finding that the number of distracted drivers is still too high. In response, Saskatchewan distracted driving fines are set to increase by more than double in February 2020.

Not only will you get a ticket, there are several other penalties that will come along with it.

Come February, distracted drivers in Saskatchewan will be issued massive tickets and given demerit points, Global News reports. Drivers could even have their cars impounded with the towing and impound fees coming out of their wallets.

First-time offenders will receive a fine of $580 and four demerit points. A second offence will cost $1,400, more demerit points, and a seven-day vehicle seizure starting immediately. Third-time offenders will be getting a massive fine at the cost of $2,100.

Currently, first-time offences in Saskatchewan cost a fine of $280.

Minister Responsible for SGI, told CKOM News that Saskatchewan police handed out 1,000 tickets for distracted driving last month alone. In fact, 50 tickets were issued in Regina in just one day last month.

A news release about the increased fines by the SGI says, “In 2018, [distracted driving] was a factor in more than 6,000 collisions, 774 injuries, and 22 deaths.”

Though there are several things that are considered distracted driving, including reading, putting on makeup, and using GPS systems, “The vast majority of tickets issued are to drivers caught using their phones behind the wheel,” said the news release.

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