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OPP reveal how thieves are stealing luxury cars

December 14th, 2021  |  News

York Regional Police Auto/Cargo Theft Unit is now warning of a new method being used by car thieves to track and steal luxury vehicles.

Apple’s AirTag technology was first designed as a key-finder, but has been repurposed for nefarious use, with police reporting that criminals are attaching these tracking devices to high-end vehicles parked in public locations, tagging them for later theft.

Cops have investigated five incidents since September, where the AirTags were placed in hard-to-see places on cars parked in high-traffic locations so they could be tracked and later stolen from driveways.

After scoping out a vehicle, car thieves typically gain access using something as simple as a screwdriver. Once inside, they have tools that can quickly reprogram a car to factory settings, allowing them to use a fake key and drive off without any wire cutting.

Police have offered a list of safety tips that can help keep your ride out of thieves’ crosshairs. Most importantly, it’s recommended that you park your car in a locked garage, as most targeted vehicles are nabbed from driveways.

Cops also recommend drivers invest in a steering wheel lock which also serves as a visible deterrent to would-be car thieves.

Installing a lock on your car’s data port is another critical measure, a means tech-savvy thieves use to plug in and reprogram a vehicle’s keys.

Other suggestions include installing a video surveillance system and regularly inspect your car for tracking devices.

SOURCE: BlogTO – Ontario police reveal how some thieves have been able to steal so many luxury cars