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Edmonton Has Officially Legalized Uber: Will Toronto be Next?

January 28th, 2016  |  Canadian Business

One small step for Uber drivers in Alberta, one giant leap for Uber across the nation. Following the results of a city council vote earlier this week, Uber’s rideshare service will be legal in Edmonton beginning in March.

Of course, there are a couple caveats. In terms of consumer safety, the Toronto Star reports that all Uber drivers must have proper insurance and pass a criminal check. Additionally, Uber drivers must charge a minimum $3.25 fare and pay an annual $70,000 to the city.

With respect to the taxi industry, Ubers can only be requested via the Uber app, while taxis can be called or hailed from the street. Representatives of the taxi industry remain unsatisfied with the regulations that have been put in place so far.

Now that Edmonton has claimed the title of the first Canadian city to legalize Uber, attention turns to Toronto. It’s no secret that Mayor John Tory is working to legalize the controversial rideshare service in Toronto as well, sparking protests from the city’s taxi drivers. 

Although not officially legal, Uber continues to run in Toronto and make waves along the way. Uber launched uberPOOL in early 2016, and the city recently issued Uber a taxi brokerage license.

Many speculate that Toronto will be the next municipality to officially open its roads to Uber. Some cities continue to debate about Uber’s future within their borders. Meanwhile, other cities, like Montreal and Halifax, are taking a no-nonsense stance against Uber.

Image Courtesy of Adobe Stock