Conservative leader accused of falsely claiming he was once an insurance broker

October 5th, 2019  |  News

The Liberals called on Saskatchewan’s insurance industry watchdogs to investigate Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer for falsely claiming he once worked as an insurance broker in that province.

Biographies of Scheer posted on the Conservative party’s current website and his past MP and leadership websites have repeatedly referred to the Conservative leader as a one-time insurance broker in Saskatchewan.

The Globe and Mail reported that it could find no evidence that Scheer ever received the accreditation necessary to practice as an insurance broker in that province.

Scheer clarified September 29th, saying: “I did receive my accreditation. I left the insurance office before the licensing process was finalized.”

The Liberals were quick to point out that it’s illegal under the Saskatchewan Insurance Act for anyone without a licence to act as a broker or “hold himself out” to be a broker.

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In a statement released September 30th, Insurance Brokers Association of Saskatchewan (IBAS) CEO Derek Lothian confirmed Scheer was on the path to becoming a licensed insurance broker and had completed just one of four courses to obtain that certification.

“IBAS can confirm … that Mr. Scheer did complete an accredited course with the IBAS that would form part of the eligibility requirements for licensing,” Lothian said in a statement.

The IBAS declined to further comment, saying a formal complaint had been launched to the General Insurance Council of Saskatchewan.

That complaint was filed by Toronto Liberal MP Marco Mendicino, who said Scheer “appears to have publicly and repeatedly misrepresented himself to Canadians by falsely claiming he was once an insurance broker in Saskatchewan.”

Mendicino urged the insurance council to investigate immediately and “take appropriate action,” and noted that misrepresenting oneself as a licensed insurance broker is an offence under the Saskatchewan Insurance Act.

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