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Why you need to stop distracted driving habits with winter approaching

November 9th, 2013  |  Insurance

Whether it has snowed where you live or not, you know that the winter driving season is not too far off. We are not far from waking up to unplowed roads and cold mornings where we have to scrap ice off our vehicles windshield. But, when it does happen, you need to be on high alert and stop distracted driving habits.

The Risk of an Accident Goes Up In the Winter

The risk of getting into an accident because of distracted driving only goes up exponentially when the roads are slick during the winter. While you may have been able to recover from a driving error in the summer when the roads are dry, driving during winter road conditions significantly reduces your margin of error.

You will have less time to react, and you need to be more aware of potential threats that exist on the roadways. Taking your eyes off the road and paying attention to your phone, even if it’s only for a second, can lead to a spin out, getting stuck in the snow, or even cause an accident.

What can you do?

Eliminating distracted driving during the winter driving season is common sense:

  1. Put your phone away
  2. Pay extra attention to your surrounding
  3. Give yourself extra space
  4. Slow down
  5. Eliminate as many potential distractions as possible

Does winter driving make you nervous? Does knowing that distracted driving is a large issue make you even more nervous when driving during the winter? 

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