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Who’s ready to fly south for the winter?

October 26th, 2011  |  Travel Insurance

More and more Canadians are taking advantage of warmer weather south of the border and beyond, many even making their winter homes there. If you’re a snowbird, here are a few travel tips to consider so you can have the most fun in the sun:

  • Be sure keep your passport and all necessary visas on you at all times, as customs officials may want to see both, depending on the country.

  • Take care of all your medical considerations before heading down; get the flu shot, your Hep-A immunization and any other relevant inoculations or tests.

  • Make sure you give your contact info to a friend or family member back home so you can be informed of any emergencies. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to invest in a local mobile phone and give that number to a few key people.

  • Cancel or freeze any subscription services, and have a friend or family member pick up your mail while you’re gone so thieves don’t suspect an empty house.

It’s critical that you also review your travel insurance policy so you know what risks are covered, such as hospital care for medical emergencies. It’s especially critical if you’re planning on any adventures or excursions while you’re away – anything from a 4-day luxury cruise to a 4-week hike through the rain forest. You can compare travel insurance quotes on HUB Insurance Hunter for Travel and connect with one of our brokers to discuss your insurance needs.

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