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Ways to increase fuel efficiency for your car

April 26th, 2012  |  Auto Insurance

Whether you are doing the daily commute in Toronto or taking a road trip during the summer months, the cost of gas is always a concern for people in Ontario.With gas prices in a constant state of flux, especially with the summer holiday season on the horizon, drivers need to look for ways they can cut how much they pay for gas on a weekly or monthly basis.

Rather than focusing on the price of gas, spending time researching the cheapest place to get gas, and using their rewards point to get gas cards, an alternative is to take the time to understand ways to increase fuel efficiency.

The more efficient your vehicle is, the less gas you will use, and the less money you will have to spend. And, it could also impact your insurance rate when you buy or renew your car insurance.

Here are some tips on how to make your vehicle more fuel efficient:

  • Buy or Lease a fuel efficient vehicle:There are many options on the market when it comes tofuel efficient cars. Depending on the model, they can save you significant money on gas.
  • Don’t crank the A/C:While it is tempting to use your air conditioning all the time in the summer, try and use it sparingly and only on really hot days.
  • Service your car regularly: Keeping your car in tip top shape by getting regular tune ups and having spark plugs replaced as necessary will help your car maximize fuel utilization.
  • Check your tires:Properly inflated tires will assist with better fuel efficiency.
  • Use high quality engine oil:Using synthetic oils that are known to help improve gas mileage. The extra few dollar for the oil will more than pay for itself.
  • Put it on cruise control:Try and use cruise control when possible. Driving at a consistent speed will reduce the strain that is placed on your engine.
  • Close your windows:Driving with the windows open makes your car work harder and consumes more fuel.
  • Lighten the load:While it is easy to build a collection of items in the truck, it is actually costing you money. Reduce the weight of your car by removing items that you do not need. 

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