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Vehicle Spring Cleaning

April 7th, 2013  |  Insurance

Spring is in the air and while most people are focusing on taking off their winter tires and doing the spring cleaning in their home, many are forgetting about their vehicle. Your car needs some TLC after a long winter. This is why it is a good idea to add car spring cleaning to you list of things that you need to accomplish this spring.

So, when taking your car in to remove your winter tires, it is also time to start thinking about doing the following:

  • Spring maintenance: It is always a good idea to take your car in for spring maintenance to ensure everything is in good shape after a cold winter.
  • Remove the winter floor mats: Time to get rid of those bulky rubber floor mats and put in your normal mats.
  • Replace your winter kit for a summer survival kit: A change in season calls for a new survival kit for your car. Replace your winter gloves and shovel for some sun screen and sunglasses.
  • Get rid of the lingering things in your trunk: People tend to let things build up in their trunk over the winter. The spring is a great time to clean everything out and start fresh.
  • Clean the interior of your car: With all the road salt and dirt that has built up over the winter, now is the time to get rid of it by cleaning the interior of your car and vacuuming your carpets to freshen things up.

Do you give your car the spring cleaning treatment? What do you do to get your car in shape for the summer?

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