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Use your Head: Wear a Bike Helmet

March 23rd, 2012  |  Insurance

As the pleasant weather starts to roll in, more and more people are pulling their bike out of the garage and taking a ride. Whether you are taking a bike ride along the canal in Ottawa or just going for a trip around the block, you need to wear a bike helmet.

Wearing a bike helmet is not only a great way to protect your head if you were to crash, it is also the law. In Ontario, any person that is under the age of 18 must wear a bicycle helmet when riding on public roadways. And, while it is not required by the law for adults to wear a helmet, it is a precaution that everyone should take. And, it’s a great way to set an example for younger riders.

Why people do not wear helmet

While there is no good reason for not wearing a helmet, here are some of the most common excuses provided by cyclists:

  • It is not comfortable

  • It doesn’t look cool

  • They are only taking a short trip

  • “Nothing is going to happen to me”

What if I don’t wear a helmet?

If you are caught not wearing a helmet, you are subject to a $60 fine, plus the additional costs associated with court fees. So, just put on a helmet every time you ride your bike, it’s not worth the fine or risking your safety.

Here are some facts about wearing bike helmets that should make your decision to wear one a no-brainer:

  • Head injuries are the main cause of severe injuries and related deaths for children riding bicycles.

  • Approximately 80% of head injuries could be prevented if everyone wore a helmet while biking

  • Head injury rates related to bicycle accidents is considerably lower in provinces and cities that have a helmet law in place.

You don’t need an insurance company to tell you about the risks, these facts say it all. Be safe and wear a helmet each and every time you go out for a ride.

For more information about bike helmet safety, Please visit Safe Kids Canada.

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