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Unique Ways to Kill Time at the Airport

January 26th, 2014  |  Insurance

Sitting at the airport and waiting for your flight can be very boring. But, rather than just sit there staring at the clock, why not use the time to your advantage? Here are a number of unique ways for you to kill time when waiting for your flight:

    • Get your cardio on: The airport is a big place. Rather than just sitting around and waiting for your flight to board, why not do some light cardio and walk around the airport?
    • People watch: There will be no shortage of people at the airport, thus making it a great place to people watch.
    • Journal: Even if you are not big on writing, why not spend some time writing a journal entry. Write about your trip, where you are going, or anything else that comes to mind. You could also spend some time sketching.
    • Go to the spa: Many airports now have spas for passengers to relax while waiting to fly. Why not get a massage while you wait for your flight?
    • Meditate/Do Yoga: Want to clear your mind and relax? Try mediation. You could also do yoga if you don’t mind people looking at your funny when you do it.
    • Try something new: The airport is filled with shops, restaurants and places to eat. Why not use the time to try something new. Try some food you have never had, try a mind puzzle, or look for something new to experience while you wait for your flight. 

What do you do to kill time at the airport? Do you just wait it out? Or, do you look for unique things to do to pass the time?

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