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Top 5 Winter driving tips | HUB Insurance Hunter blog

September 26th, 2011  |  Insurance

There is no denying that driving during the winter can be dangerous, especially when the weather is unfavorable. This is why it is so important for drivers to adjust their driving to accommodate the weather and road conditions. You can never be too careful when driving the winter, even if there is not much traffic on the road.

Here are 5 things to be cautious of when driving in winter conditions:

  1. Ice: Icy road conditions are one of the most dangerous things that drivers need to be aware of when driving, especially in the morning and at night when the ground freezes.
  2. Speed: It is important that you adjust your speed and adapt to road conditions.
  3. Visibility: Snow, rain, poor wiper blades, and the increased number of hours of darkness are all factors that can impede your ability to see clearly.
  4. Changing directions: Most issues on the road occur in the winter when vehicles are changing directions. Be careful when changing lanes, entering/exiting ramps, and turning.
  5. Other drivers: You never know what other drivers are going to do. Give yourself some extra space to react to other drivers just in case you are required to make a sudden stop.

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