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Tips for creating your own winter emergency kit for your car

November 5th, 2013  |  Insurance

Having your car winterized is a common thing in Canada. The cold winter weather can wreak havoc on your vehicle if you do not take the precautionary steps to prepare it for the winter driving season. Part of winterizing your vehicle is ensuring that you are prepared for all situations.

You never know when your car could get stuck or you could get stranded. If this happens in the winter, this could be a life and death situation, especially if it is extremely cold outside. Many people get prepared by purchasing a winter survival kit for their vehicle. While this is a good option, you could save a few dollars by creating your own winter emergency kits with items that you have around the house.

What should you include in your winter emergency kit?

Here are some of the items that you should have in your emergency kit:

  • A few extra blankets
  • An extra coat, gloves, boots, winter hat
  • Flashlight, batteries, candles and matches
  • First aid kit
  • Food that won’t freeze
  • A small shovel and small tool kit
  • Washer fluid, road salt, jumper cables, and a tow rope
  • Anything else that you think could help if you get stuck

These are the essentials that you should have in your vehicle. And, when driving during the winter, it is important that you have a fully charged cell phone with you so you can call for help if you get stuck or stranded.

Do you have a winter emergency kit in your vehicle? Why? Why not?

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