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Summer Survival Kits for your Vehicle

April 5th, 2013  |  Insurance

We see a lot written about winter survival kits for your cars, but drivers also need to be just as prepared during the spring and summer months. You never know when you could experience a breakdown or find yourself in an emergency situation, so you need to be ready all year round. One way that you can ensure you are prepared is to have a summer survival kit for your car.

What should be included in the kit?

  • Bottled water: It is always a good idea to have bottled water in your car just in case you get stranded or if your car overheats and you need to cool down the engine.
  • Snacks that won’t spoil in the heat: Keep a small amount of food in the car is a good idea, but you need to make sure that you have food that will not spoil in the heat. Things like granola bars, crackers and nuts are the perfect option.
  • First aid kit: A must for any car, no matter what time of year.
  • Flashlight and tools: You should always carry a flashlight and a small set of tools that could be useful if you breakdown.
  • Blankets/sweater/Rain jacket: Even in the summer the weather could get cool. Be prepared for all weather conditions.
  • Sun protection: You never know when you could get stuck in the sun so having an extra pair of sunglasses, sun screen, and a hat is ideal.
  • Gas can: You never know when you will need some extra gas.

What items would you put in your summer survival kit for your car?

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