Secondary Drivers: How much does it impact your insurance premium

March 27th, 2012  |  Auto Insurance

One of the major considerations that drivers need to look at when shopping for auto insurance quotes is the impact that secondary drivers will have on insurance premiums. The truth is that adding a second driver to your insurance will always increase your rates to some degree, but paying a premium for an additional driver is much better than dealing with the consequences of a driver getting into an accident when they are not covered by insurance.

What is a secondary driver?

Secondary drivers can be anyone that will use your automobile on a regular basis. In most cases it is usually a spouse or a child, but it can also be a sibling or even a roommate.

Do I really need to add an occasional driver of my vehicle as a secondary driver?

This is a common question that insurance companies are asked all the time, especially when it comes to adding children as secondary drivers. While it may increase your rates, it is always best to list all of the drivers that are in your home.

  • If your child was to get into an accident and was not listed on your insurance, the insurance company could deny your claim because you failed to include information about who is driving your vehicle.
  • Here are some other options to consider:
  • Have the secondary driver pay for their share of the insurance rate increase
  • Have the secondary driver get their own insurance
  • In Ontario, it is mandatory to list all family members in your home that may drive your car.

Factors influencing insurance rates for secondary drivers

There are a number of factors that influence how much your insurance rates will be impacted by adding additional drivers. They include:

  • Age: If the person is less than 25 your rates may increase more than with an older driver
  • Driving record: A clean driving record will help to minimize rate increases
  • Driving school: Having a driving school certificate is almost a must to get a break on insurance rates.

For more information about secondary drivers and factors that influence your insurance premiums check out these resources:


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