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Reducing Risk on the Road – 10 Tips for being a Safer Driver

March 20th, 2014  |  Auto Insurance

Reducing risk on the road is an important factor in making our roads safe. Each driver has a responsibility to help minimize risk by being a safe and effective driver and refraining from making decisions behind the wheel that put them and other drivers in jeopardy.

10 Road Safety Tips for Reducing Risk on the Road

As a driver you can reduce the risk on roadways. How? There are many ways that you can be a better driver, take responsibility, and help reduce risk. They are as follows:

  1. Be as predictable as possible – avoid making sudden movements with your vehicle
  2. Never make assumptions how other drivers will act
  3. Obey all rules of the road and the posted speed limits
  4. Wear your seatbeltat all times
  5. Never drink and drive
  6. Always drive at a safe distance from other vehicles
  7. Avoid distracted drivingpractices – Check out our list of 30 Distracted Driving Habits Drivers Need To Stop Today
  8. Always signal when you change directions
  9. Check your mirrors and blind spots
  10. If the road conditions are bad, think twice before driving


Following these and other road safety tips will help to reduce risk for drivers. Reducing risk is important and the more dedicated each driver is to making our road safe, the less risk there will be for everyone – drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

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