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Planning a trip for March break? Why you should book now

December 24th, 2013  |  Insurance

Even though most people are focused on Christmas, holiday parties, and the New Year’s during the holiday season, it is also a good time to start thinking about your spring break plans. March break is only a few months away and now is a good time to start thinking about potential holiday plans.

Booking now has many potential benefits. The first benefit is travel deals. Travel agents and travel websites often put on special offers during the holiday season, which means that you can save money on your trip.

The second benefit to booking now is that you actually book the trip. It’s easy to allow travel planning to linger and having booking travel tips hanging over your head can just add to the long list of things that you need to do.

A final benefit of planning your March break well in advance is that you will have lots of options. Booking early allows you to book the trip on your terms. You can book your flights, resorts, hotels, and timelines based on what you want to do. When you wait too long, your options are often limited, and no one wants to have to take that flight in the middle of the night with 3 stop overs because we waited too long to book.

How far in advance do you usually book your spring break trip? What advantages and benefits have you experienced because you were proactive and booked your trip early? Where there any negatives about booking early?

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