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Pet safety: How to ensure your pets have a safe and secure car ride

October 11th, 2012  |  Insurance

It is not uncommon to see pets in cars. We see pets of all shapes and sizes. We commonly bring them along when we run to the store and they travel with us when we go out of town. Most people don’t think twice about it, but there is growing concern for pet safety in vehicles. Just like with people, pets need to travel safely. They also need to avoid being a distraction to anyone that is operating a vehicle. Therefore, people need to ensure that their pets have a safe and secure method of travel when they go for a car ride.

Here are some vehicle safety tips and suggestions for transporting your pets:

  • Never leave your pet in the car for long periods of time: Whether it is a hot summer day or a cold winter day, never leave your pet in the car. Many animals are harmed or even die because they are left in the car each and every year.

  • Keep them off your lap: You pet should never sit in your lap while you are driving. This could impact your ability to react quickly if you need to.

  • Get a harness: Most pet stores sell car harnesses for your pets. They often attach to your seat belts and are a safe and effective way to keep your pet stationary. These harnesses are available for all size dogs and they allow your dog to sit, lie down, and relax comfortably in the back seat.

  • Use a crate or cage if possible: If you have a small dog, cat, or any other animal that fits into a travel create, it is best to use it while they are in the car. Place these cages or crates on the floor and secure them.

  • Get a trunk divider if you have a hatchback: If you have a van or hatchback vehicle and travel frequently with your pets then it is a good idea to get a divider for your truck. This will allow your pet to travel comfortable, have some space to move around, and will prevent them from being a distraction to the driver.

  • Keep your pets inside the vehicle:Don’t let your dog’s hang their head out of the window and don’t let them travel in the bed of your pick-up truck. They could get injured easily from these actions.

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