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PeaksaverPLUS is Back: Conserve Energy by Enrolling

July 11th, 2012  |  Insurance

If you are looking for a way to get involved in environmental conservation and want to be more energy efficient you are in luck. The Ontario Power Authority has recently brought back the Peaksaver PLUS program.


Peaksaver PLUS, like many other environmental initiatives is meant to help reduce the strain that is placed on the energy grid and the environment during peak energy use periods. And, with the hot weather we have experienced thus far in Ontario this summer, many residents and businesses have their air conditioners working overtime, placing additional strain on the energy grid.


The timing could not be better. Conserve some energy and save some money on your energy bill by enrolling in the program.


What does the program do?


The program helps households become more effectively manage their electricity use when demand is high.


Once you enrol, a technician from your local energy company will come to your home and install a device that manages your air conditioner, electric water heater, or pool pump. The device alters the performance, for example, of your air conditioner by reducing consumption by increasing the temperate a degree or two in small doses. Over time, the energy that is conserved adds up.


Once the device is installed, homeowners can monitor their energy use through the energy display. The monitor is effective in helping consumers become conscious about their energy consumption by telling them the amount of energy they are consuming, the amount of consumption they can reduce by turning appliances off, and the amount of money they are spending on electricity.


What are the benefits of the program?


There are many benefits to enrolling the Peaksaver PLUS program. They include:


  • It is free to participate in the program

  • Reduced strain on Ontario’s energy infrastructure

  • A reduction in your energy bill

  • Showing a commitment to energy conservation


Don’t forget to combine the Peaksaver PLUS program with other energy saving tips to minimize your overall energy use. Remember to turn off appliances when they are not in use, turn off the lights, and try to consume energy during off peak hours.

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