Over 10 great Ontario fall getaways

October 11th, 2018  |  Travel

What’s your favourite part of the fall season?

Could it be the trick-or-treating, fall colours, hot drinks or scrumptious pies? There are so many fun things to do during the fall that we thought we’d map out some of Ontario’s best ideas for a little getaway.

Check out our list below of some sweet fall suggestions in the province – they’re all worth travelling for.

Ontario destinations for fall colours

The Canadian countryside benefits from the change of season, producing vibrant colours seen by those willing to stop and look. The province of Ontario is no exception. Check out your local green spaces, ravines, and overpasses during early October to see some of the best fall foliage.

In Toronto, spots overlooking the Don Valley, Cedarvale or Riverdale ravines will be eye-catching.

If you want to venture into the brush, take the Agawa Train Canyon Tour in Sault Ste. Marie until mid-October and relax as you traverse Ontario’s natural wonder in style. Train tickets are around $100 for adults and rides last the whole day.

Great Ontario destinations for fall pies

Fall isn’t complete without pie, and frankly, your life isn’t either. If you’re road tripping to a scenic fall destination, why not stop for a pie on the fly? How deliciously fun! See our list below and treat yourself.

  • Mabel’s Bakery, Toronto – You’ll find a few Mabel’s locations scattered around Toronto. If pie is the plan, arrive early to avoid disappointment.
  • Life of Pie, Ottawa – One of the city’s best pie shops. Stop by and taste their new flavour of the week!
  • The Tiny Shop Bakery, Dundas – Smell the history at this ma’ and pa’ shop serving up 30 years of pie from scratch.
  • Punchbowl Market and Bakery, Stoney Creek – A great family-owned destination for breathtaking views and tantalizing pies.  

Halloween in Ontario

Are you a thrill seeker? Are you on the haunt for some earth-shattering screams and scares? Then below we have the list for you this fall.

Ontario ramps up their Halloween efforts every fall season, creating elaborate and frightening walks for those interested in witches, goblins, ghosts and guts!

If you’re into either travelling or staying local for Halloween, bring a boo or a few and get ready to screeeaaaammm!  

  • Casa Loma’s Legends of Horror, Toronto – Tickets cost $40 per person and promise a theatrical walk of fear through Toronto’s historical castle. Sponsored by Captain Morgan, the adults on the course have access to some liquid courage.
  • Fear Farm, Ayr-Waterloo – Located on a family farm, what could be more terrifying than a corn maze of fright in the night? Promising new scares, beer tents and food, general admission goes for $33 at the door and $29 online.
  • Bingeman’s Screampark, Kitchener – It’s “screaming season” at this haunted house experience in Kitchener. Claiming to be “Canada’s Most Haunted Halloween Attraction,” Bingeman's offers up zombie paintball, terror trains and Boston Pizza. If you can hold your food down, tickets start at $16 and go up.
  • Screemers, Toronto – Turning part of the Canadian National Exhibition into a jaw-dropping course of calamity, Screemers promises to unearth all that goes bump in the night, plus carnival rides and treats. Tickets start around $34.
  • Wonderland’s Halloween Haunt, Vaughn – One of Ontario’s most famed theme parks turns into a Halloween trip of dread. Hop on a rollercoaster to save yourself from the zombies… They’re coming!!! Online tickets are as low as $36 on select nights.

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