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Ontario Daily Deal Sites that will Save you Money

April 21st, 2012  |  Auto Insurance

How many times have you driven or walked past a restaurant and thought to yourself, “I should try that place sometime”? Most people never end up trying them because they are not incented to. This is the beauty of daily deal sites. With a little incentive in the form of a discount and people are all of a sudden willing to try out that restaurant they pass by all the time.

Everyone likes to get a deal. And, this is why daily deal websites have exploded in Ontario and across Canada. These sites have met a need for both businesses and the general public. Businesses have a new way to introduce and offer their products and services, and consumers have the opportunity to try new products and services without having to pay full price.

What are daily deal sites?

Daily deal sites are exactly what they sound like. They are sites that offer people deals on products and service each day. Here is how they work in a nutshell.

  • Consumers receive new deals daily fromdaily deal sites
  • Deals are often delivered via email after people sign up
  • Deals are offered for businesses that are in your area
  • Each site caters to your specific city
  • Sites typically offer discounts of 50 per cent off or more

Type of deals to expect

While the deals offered on these sites cover a broad spectrum, some of the most common type of deals includes:

  • Discounts of restaurants
  • Discounts for local retail stores
  • Product discounts
  • Savings on beauty, hair, and massage
  • Savings on plane, bus, and train tickets
  • Deals on vacations and hotel stays
  • Discounted tickets for games, theatre, and special events

Daily Deal Sites

There is no shortage of daily deal sites Ontarian’s to sign up for. Some of these sites are:

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