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Oh, Christmas Tree. How beautiful are thee?

November 9th, 2011  |  Home Insurance

According Canadian Christmas legends, the Christmas tree was first introduced to Canada in 1781 – 86 years before Canada was even a country. 

This first tree was said to be a Balsam Fir, cut from the dense forest in the region that’s now the city of Sorel-Tracy, Quebec. It was adorned with white candles and maintained daily and nightly by everyone who came through the square where it was displayed.

Today, Canadians generally light their trees with more practical LED bulbs, but just because we’re no longer using lit candles as tree ornaments, don’t think the risk of fire isn’t there. A big step you can take is to keep your tree watered. Not only does it create a fragrant indoor winter wonderland atmosphere, but a wet tree is a safer tree.

Here are some other safety tips to help keep your home festive and safe:

  • When buying your tree, stand it upright and bang it lightly against the floor a few times to see how many needles fall out; you’re looking for one where as few fall as possible. It means the tree is well-hydrated, which will make it last longer, look better and be safer.

  • When setting up your tree,don’t overload electrical outlets with too much power running through them. Invest in extension cords so you can use multiple outlets.

  • When lighting your tree, under no circumstances should you leave a lit tree unattended. If you’re out for the evening, unplug the lights – this is especially important if you have pets.

  • When staging your tree, never have actual lit candles around your Christmas tree.

Enjoy your Christmas tree this holiday season, but take the necessary steps to ensure it’s safe, and that your family and home are protected. From all of us at HUB, have a happy holiday season.

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