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Keep safe with defensive driving

November 9th, 2011  |  Auto Insurance

Freezing rain. Black Ice. Snowy ditches. Just mentioning these winter realities puts many drivers into a state of tension. But since there’s no way to avoid them, the key is to drive defensively so you’re ready for whatever the road throws at you this winter.

Defensive driving reduces the risk of accidents by anticipating dangerous situations, despite adverse conditions or the mistakes of others. Here are a few habits you can get in to before the really bad weather comes:

Be prepared: Make sure your tire pressure, oil and gas levels, lights and mirrors are in-check at all times. The last thing you need is a malfunction in a dangerous situation.

Be a realist:Don’t trust that all drivers on the road are as conscientious as you are. When you see a signal flashing on a vehicle ahead of you, don't assume that they will make a turn or stop at the next red light.

Be aware: Give at least three seconds of driving time between your vehicle and the one in front of you; avoid being in other drivers’ blind spots; and for Pete’s sake, stay off your phone – texting and talking are punishable offences in  Ontario.

Defensive driving practices will not only save you money on repair costs, they’ll also help you keep a cleaner driving record and lower insurance rates.  You can compare auto insurance quotes on HUB and connect with one of our brokers to discuss your insurance needs.

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