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Is it time to take off your winter tires?

April 1st, 2013  |  Insurance

Now that the weather is warming up, many drivers are now starting to think about taking off their winter tires – And, some people might have already taken them off. One question that many people have is when to take them off. Should they take off their winter tires at the end of March? In the middle of April? Wait until May 1st?

The truth is that the time to take off your winter tires will vary year by year. There is not a specific date that you need to remove them. Rather, you need to focus more on the weather conditions in your area. But, even that can be a tough call because of the unpredictable weather we often experience as a result of global warming.

The last thing driver’s want to do is take their winter tires off too early, only to have it snow. You also do not want to leave your tires on too long or you could do damage to your winter tires.  If the weather is too warm you could do damage because winter tires are made from a softer rubber that wears quickly when exposed to warmer conditions.

As a general rule, and one that is commonly stated by many tire manufacturers, once the temperature in your area is consistently at 7 degrees Celsius or above, it is time to remove your winter tires for the season.

If you live in Ontario, this usually means that you should get your winter tires removed sometime between the end of March and the middle of April.

When do you usually have your winter tires removed? Do you have a specific rule that you follow?

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