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Insurance Tips for Your Holiday Travels

December 23rd, 2012  |  Insurance

The holiday is definitely a busy season, especially on the roads. From Christmas shopping to holiday parties, special events, and seeing family and friends, there is no shortage reasons why people drive more frequently.

Perhaps, the most frequent reason why people spend more time on the road is to either travel to see family that live far away or to go on vacation. Either way, before your leave for the holiday’s it is best to make sure that your car insurance is in order. You never know when you may need it and being prepared will reduce potential issues before they happen, especially during the winter with unpredictable weather and road conditions.

8 Car insurance tips for safe holiday travel

The following are some important car insurance tips to consider for your holiday travels:

  1. Review your insurance policy: The end of the year often signals time to renew your policy. If it is not time to renew yet, it is still a good idea to review your policy and adjust your coverage accordingly to meet your winter driving needs.
  2. Update your information: Before you leave on an extended trip, make sure that all of your information is up to date. If it is not, call your insurance company before you leave for your trips.
  3. Make sure all drivers are insured: If you are planning on driving a long distance and plan on taking turns driving, make sure that each driver is insured. If someone that is not on your insurance is going to be a primary driver, let your insurance company know so they have note of it.
  4. Update your winter vehicle insurance: Many people have a vehicle that the only drive during the winter. If you are one of them, make sure that you have activated the car insurance coverage for the vehicle you will be driving.
  5. Renting a car? If you are going away on vacation during the holiday season and plan on using a rental car, talk to your insurance company about coverage options.
  6. Need travel insurance? If you are planning on purchasing a travel insurance policy, talk to your auto insurance company to see if they offer travel insurance as well. You may even get a discount on your policy.
  7. Don’t forget your insurance documents: Make sure you have all your car insurance information in your vehicle before you leave for your trip. This way you won’t have to scramble to find it if you need to make a claim or report and accident.
  8. Ask about road side assistance: Talk to your insurance provider about who you should call in the event that you need road side assistance or other help. Make sure that you take down all contact number and bring them with you on your trip. The numbers won’t be any good to you if you leave them at home.

Preparing as much as possible before you leave for your holiday trip will ensure that you will be prepared if something goes wrong.

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