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HUB Insurance Hunter | Home Insurance Claim Process

September 26th, 2011  |  Insurance

While no one wants to be in a position to be required to make a home insurance claim, it is still important to understand the steps involved in the home insurance claim process if the situation arises. Knowing what to expect from the claims process will help you navigate through the process quicker.

Even though the claims process can vary based on your insurance company, there are a number of general steps that are applicable to all home insurance claim situations. They include:

  1. Call the police - if it is a legal matter such as a break-in or vandalism you will need a police report as part of the home insurance claim process.
  2. Call your home insurance company as soon as possible – They will be your main reference for assistance through the process.
  3. Follow the steps as outlined by your insurance agent – make sure that you meet all of their timelines to speed up the claims process and avoid delays in processing your claim.
  4. When filling out paperwork make sure that you are accurate as possible
  5. Record everything – Create a written account of everything that happened and take photos. For damage claims you can even record a video of the damage as proof. Refer to your home inventory document if you are making a claim for a break-in.

If you have questions about the home insurance claim process, contact one of our insurance agents for more information. Get 3 quotes in 3 minutes for home insurance at 

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