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HUB Insurance Hunter on Digital Journal's "Rise in Car Insurance Rates"

September 25th, 2011  |  Insurance

According to a recent story that was published online by Digital Journal, Rate Digest reports that amid a rise in rates and a fall in customer satisfaction within the auto insurance industry in the United States, they expect many consumers to look for alternative options when it comes to their car insurance options going forward.

What does HUB Insurance Hunter think?

The news of customers becoming increasingly unsatisfied with their current insurance providers, especially if they experienced a rate increase in the past year is no surprise. Consumers want to save money and get the most value possible, especially when it comes to things like home and auto insurance. Why pay more for something when you don’t have to, right?

Rate Digest is right in saying that we can expect more people to start shopping around more frequently to get the best deal on insurance rates. With many people now living on tighter budgets and as people are becoming more conservative with how they spend their money, expect to see more people turn to the internet to get online quotes to compare their car insurance options. Now more than ever, consumers are willing to look at alternative insurance options in hopes of saving a few bucks.

If you are thinking about weighing your car insurance options visit the HUB Insurance Hunter website and try our online quoting tool. With us you will get 3 quotes in three minutes so you can save money on your insurance premium. Let us do the hunting for you! 

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