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The Importance of Removing Excess Snow and Ice from Your Roof

December 14th, 2012  |  Home Insurance

While most people don’t mind a little snow, especially around Christmas, an excessive amount of snow is not only an inconvenience and can throw your travel schedule into disarray; it also can pose a risk to your home.

When you think about snow and icy weather conditions, most people think about slippery surfaces as the major source of risk on their property. However, an excessive amount of snow can also lead to other issues, especially if it builds up on the roof of your home.

The truth is that many people would not even think about removing the snow from their roof, especially if it is sloped. But, homeowners need to pay attention and take the necessary measures if they want to keep their home sound.

Why you need to remove excessive snow and ice from your roof

Excessive snow and ice can lead to a number of issues such as:

  • Leaks: If too much snow builds up on your roof it could lead to leaks in your attic. Water could also get into the walls and other areas of your home.
  • Water damage: Excessive snow and ice could lead to water damage on your roof, in your attic and in the walls in your home.
  • Ice damming: Excessive ice build-up can lead to ice damming. This happens when snow on the roof melts and freezes on unheated areas such as in eaves troughs, overhands and garages.
  • Collapsed Roof: While an extreme case, if you experiences excessive amounts of snow and heavy ice on your roof, it could conceivable cause a collapse.

What you can do

The good news is that there are a couple things that you can do to ensure ice and snow does not build up on your roof. They include:

  • Break up the ice: When ice starts to build up on your eaves or other area on your roof, break up the ice.
  • Install ice belts: This will help to prevent ice from forming.
  • Rake the snow: If too much snow builds up, rake the snow off your roof. You can buy an extension that you can add to your rake to increase your reach.

If you are not confident you can handle this on your own, there are many snow removal companies that will do it for you. 

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