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How to Save Time on your Commute During the Winter

January 15th, 2014  |  Insurance

Commuting during the winter can be a disaster, especially when the winter weather rears its ugly head. No matter where you live in Canada, the winter usually adds time onto your daily commute. But, you can save time on your commute by following these easy tips:

  • Stay on top of weather conditions: It is important that you stay on top of weather conditions and adjust your travel times accordingly. You could be in for a long and frustrating commute if you don’t check the weather before you leave.
  • Have a number of routes: Accidents are more likely to occur when the road conditions are poor. The key to avoiding them and saving time is having a number of back up routes to use if your main route to work is backed up.
  • Listen to the radio when commuting: The traffic situation can change at any moment, and you need to be prepared to change your route if an accident slows down or blocks traffic.
  • Use a GPS with real time traffic capabilities: A GPS can really help you out a lot during the winter. It will show you the routes that are busy, provide traffic updates, and suggest alternate routes to avoid traffic congestion.
  • Change your commute time: If possible, talk with your employer about changing your work hours during the winter so you can avoid traffic. When it comes to winter driving, leaving earlier for work will help you reduce the amount of time you spend on the road.

What do you do during the winter to shave time off your commute? How much extra time does your commute take during the winter?

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