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How to lower car insurance rates | HUB Insurance Hunter Blog

September 26th, 2011  |  Insurance

There is no shortage of factors that can have an impact on how much you will pay for car insurance on a monthly basis. One of these factors that not many people are aware of is how often you drive. You can save money on insurance if you drive less.

Many insurance companies offer a low kilometer discount to people who do not drive very far to work or use their vehicle in a limited manner. Since car insurance rates base determined based on a level of risk, the less that you drive, the less risk you are as a driver in the eyes of insurance providers.

There are many drivers out there today that qualify for a low kilometer discount. If you think you might qualify, contact your insurance company to find out. A quick phone call could help you reduce your car insurance rates.

This situation also re affirms the importance of taking the time to get a car insurance quote each yearwhen your policy comes up for renewal. Things change, such as the amount of time you spend on the road, and you need to update this information with your insurance provider so they can better assess your car insurance rates.

For more information about how to qualify for a low kilometer discount (especially in Toronto), talk to one of our insurance professionals at HUB Insurance Hunter. If you are looking for an online car insurance quote, visit us at www.insurancehunter.ca to get 3 quotes in 3 minutes and save money on your next auto insurance policy with us! 

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