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How long does a speeding ticket impact insurance?

November 14th, 2018  |  Auto Insurance

Seeing people driving over the speed limit is nothing surprising to any seasoned driver on the highway. Whether you do it yourself or witness others speeding regularly, it’s one of the most common driving infractions on the road.

Many drivers get away with speeding every so often, but this risky practice puts other road users and pedestrians in danger

Police officers often wait on the side of the road to catch speeders, who can be charged different fines depending on how much they were driving over the speed limit. If you're in a Community Safety Zone, your fine is doubled.

There’s no worse feeling than zooming past a cop and seeing those lights start following you – you know you got caught.

Speeding tickets and insurance in Ontario

Any speeding ticket issued in Ontario will impact your auto insurance rate to varying degrees. There is a world of difference between getting a speeding ticket for going 10 to 15 km above the limit vs. a ticket for speeding 50 km over the limit.

The speeding ticket will only impact your insurance if it gets reported to your provider. Your provider will find out about your speeding ticket if you pay it (and thus admit guilt) or if you’re convicted in court and it’s added to your driving record.

Usually, insurance companies will review your driving infractions come policy renewal time. They’ll often contact the Ministry of Transportation and get your updated stats during the renewal process.

How much will a speeding ticket increase my auto premium?

Some insurance companies won’t increase your premium based on a minor speeding ticket alone, but since every insurer is different, some just might. 

It’s important to be aware of your insurance company’s rules – if you’re not sure about their speeding ticket standards, make sure to ask. Minor tickets could lead to a slight or barely noticeable increase while major infractions will make you an insurance risk.

With enough speeding tickets on your record, you could be dropped from your traditional insurance company, forcing you to go with an expensive high-risk provider.

How long will a speeding ticket stay on my record?

In Ontario, any traffic ticket, including speeding tickets, will stay on your Ministry of Ontario driving record (also known as a driving abstract) for 3 years, starting from the date of conviction.  

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