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How Do Speeding Tickets Affect Your Car Insurance

September 24th, 2011  |  Insurance

Most people think that a speeding ticket will not have much of an impact on their car insurance rates. The truth is that they are right, for the most part. Getting a minor speeding ticket will likely not have any impact on your insurance rates. But, it can have an impact if you get a more serious speeding ticket. The way a speeding ticket will impact your car insurance rates is based on the severity of the ticket. If you get caught driving 50km over the speed limit then you can be sure you will have issues with your car insurance.

However, speeding tickets become an issue when you get the second ticket. It is almost guaranteed that if you get a second speeding ticket before the previous ticket has been erased off your record that you will get a notice saying your rates will be increasing. Once you get your first speeding ticket, it’s time to be extra cautious on the road or you could be in line for a spike in your rates, even if your second ticket is only a minor speeding infraction.

You will likely see your rates go up when you get your renewal notice. But, there is always another option to see if you can save money on your insurance. You need to get a quote. Even if you have had a couple tickets, you could find ways to save money by getting an insurance quote to understand your options.

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