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How To Avoid Getting Dinged In Parking Lots

June 30th, 2013  |  Insurance

Driving in busy parking lots can be dangerous. With so much going on, you never know when a car, pedestrians, or even a cyclist will pop out in front of you. This is why cars have received their fair share of dings and dents when in parking lots over the years.

While some of the damaged caused in parking lots is unavoidable, most of it can be avoided by taking the following steps when driving in parking lots this summer:

  • Slow down: Take your time and proceed with caution. You need to be ready to make a sudden stop. Most accidents in parking lots could be avoided simply if drivers would slow down.
  • Check your blind spots: Before you leave a parking spot, open a car door, or change directions, you need to do a shoulder check and check all your mirrors to make sure everything is clear before proceeding.
  • Park far away: One of the best ways to avoid getting dinged is to park near the back of the lot where there are fewer cars. A longer walk could save you significant money when it comes to repairs.
  • Avoid busy times: If possible, avoid going to parking lots during peak hours when more cars are present. This will lower your risk.
  • Get rid of distractions: Forget about what you just bought at the store, leave the radio alone, and put your cell phone down. Each one of these distractions increases your chances of making a mistake.

Has your car ever been damaged in a parking lot? What happened? Was it your fault?

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