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How to avoid distractions while driving | HUB Insurance Hunter Blog

September 26th, 2011  |  Insurance

There is no doubt that distracted driving is a serious issue. Many accidents are a result of distracted driving habits and this is one of the reasons why auto insurance rates are high. Most accidents involving distracted drivers could be avoided if people were more conscious of their actions when behind the wheel.

Avoiding distracted driving starts with a dedicated effort. Every drivers needs to make the commitment to try and avoid distracted driving practices. Avoiding distraction starts by eliminating potential distractions before they have a chance to occur. This means putting your cell phone away, not fiddling with the radio while you are driving, waiting to check your text messages until you are parked, and making sure that other distractions are limited.

When distractions are minimized it is easier for you to keep your eyes on the road and focus on driving. Refrain from eating and drinking, grooming, playing with pets, reading, or using any type of electronic device.

Remember that your primary objective as a driver is to get to your destination in a safe manner. Anything that gets in the way of you doing this is a distraction that you need to avoid. If more drivers made an effort to stop distracted driving, there would be fewer accidents and fewer car insurance claims.

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