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How Auto Insurance Works in each Province

September 25th, 2011  |  Insurance

Auto insurance is not the same Canada wide, rather how much you pay and the rules and regulations vary based on the province where you reside. Therefore, it is conceivable that if you move to a new province, you would pay more or less for your insurance based on how auto insurance rules and regulations work in that province.

While the majority of provinces allow private insurance companies to provide services to drivers, there are others that have government run insurance companies for basic coverage, with private companies competing to sell additional coverage that go above and beyond basic needs.

No matter which province you live in, there are certain commonalities among provincial governments. They include:

  • Insurance is offered under a framework that is established by provincial law
  • It is overseen by government agencies
  • All insurance policies are offered in accordance to the rules and regulations set forth by the provincial and federal government.

Since the rules vary from province to province, it is a good idea to talk to an insurance broker if you are planning to move to a new province. This way you can get all the information you need to get insurance in your new province, plus the broker will also be able to give you a quote so you will have an idea of what your new rates will look like.

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