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Home Insurance: Damage from Snow and Ice

September 19th, 2012  |  Home Insurance

With winter on the horizon, homeowners across Canada dread the thought of shovelling snow and ice that builds up on their home. While many people simply let the snow and ice build-up, they fail to realize the potential damage this could cause to their home. And if damage is caused, this means you may have to make a claim with your home insurance provider.

What is some of the damage that can be caused? Snow and ice build-up can lead to a whole series of issues with your home. Some of the most common include ice damming, structural damage, leaks and cracks in your roof and foundation or even flooding as a result of clogged eaves.

These are all serious issues that need to be addressed and if you are not proactive, you could have an insurance claim on your hands. So as the snow begins to accumulate, you need to remove the snow and ice so it does not become a problem. If you cannot get on your roof yourself, there are many reputable snow removal companies that can assist you with snow and ice removal from your roof or other areas of your home.

Also, don’t forget about the damage that you could cause to people. Slippery surfaces or falling ice often pose a serious risk to people. If they are injured, it could result in a lawsuit.

If you do have damage as a result of snow and ice, talk to your insurance company. They will be able to advise you about your next steps and if a claim needs to be placed. 

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