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Holiday Decorating Tips to Keep Your Family Safe this Christmas

December 22nd, 2012  |  Insurance

With all the excitement that surrounds the Christmas season it becomes easy to overlook things that we would otherwise be conscious of. While we are all concerned about getting the lights up, making sure the angel on top of the tree is straight and how our decorations look, we often forget about safety, especially when it comes to Christmas decorations.

The last thing we want to happen during the holidays is have someone get injured because we failed to take the correct safety precautions. So, when putting up decorations around the house, here are some holiday decorating tips to keep in mind that will keep your family safe this Christmas season:

  1. 1.      Use a spotter when using a ladder: Using a ladder is commonplace when putting up decorations. We use it to put up lights outside and hang decorations throughout the house. When you do use a ladder, make sure you have a spotter to not only secure the ladder, but to also pass you the decorations.
  2. Check your lights: Before putting up your Christmas lights it is a good idea to check and make sure they are working correctly. Also, check the cord for any cracks, frayed ends, or loose connectors that could cause a short.
  3. Use safe artificial trees: If your Christmas tree is artificial, make sure that it is fire resistant. This will significantly reduce the possibility of a fire.  
  4. Properly care for live trees: If you are using a live tree, make sure that you buy a fresh tree and water it regularly. Cut the trunk before you bring it inside and make sure that you secure it properly. And, make sure to keep your tree away from heat sources such as heaters and the fireplace.
  5. Use outdoor lights outside: When decorating the outside of your home, make sure that you use extension cords and light strands that are intended for outdoor use.
  6. Decorate your vehicle safely: If you are going to decorate your vehicle, make sure you do so in a safe way that will not put you or other drivers at risk. No one wants to have to call their car insurance company to main a claim during the holiday season.
  7. Hide extension cords: Make sure that all extensions cords that are used are properly tucked away so no one trips and falls. Tape them down and run them close to walls and secure structures.
  8. Watch what you put near the heat sources: When decorating, be conscious of what you put near sources of heat such as fireplaces, radiators, and space heaters. Placing flammable items too close could cause a fire.
  9. Don’t overload electrical outlets: Make sure that you don’t overload the electrical outlets in your home with too many plugs. This could lead to a power outage, blown fuse, or even cause a fire.
  10. Put your lights on a timer: Putting your lights on a timer will ensure that they are not accidently left on. If they are on for too long they can become extremely hot and could blow a fuse.
  11. Don’t forget about your pets: Don’t forget about your pets when putting up decorations. Make sure that anything breakable or toxic is out of their reach.

Following these tips will ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable holiday season with your friends and family. 

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