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Have you taken the save ON energy pledge?

July 5th, 2012  |  Insurance

Energy conservation is an important issue that more and more people in Ontario are taking seriously. People now understand the collective impact of a few adjustments to their energy consumption habits can go a long way to lessen the impact Ontarians have on the local environment.

To help residents reduce their impact, the Ontario Power Authority has introduce the 2012 save ON energy pledge. Partnering with Air Miles, the OPA is offering homeowners with the added incentive of up to 45 Air miles if they take the pledge.

Take the pledge in 3 steps

Taking the pledge is quick and easy. You can sign up in three steps:

  1. Take the pledge

  2. Confirm you information

  3. Confirm your pledge

In all, it only takes a couple of minutes to complete the sign up process.

What am I pledging to do?

The Ontario Power Authority is asking residents to perform one of a series of tasks as part of taking the save ON energy pledge. Here are some of the most common options that are part of participating in the program:

  • Enrol in the peaksaver PLUS program if it is available in your area.

  • Try to shift your energy consumption to off peak hour times during the day. This will also help you save money.

  • Install an energy star ceiling fan to reduce your reliance on air conditioning.

  • Install motion sensors on exterior lights so they are not left on all night

  • Install a timer to run your pools heater and pump.

Small businesses can also get involved in the program by contacting their local energy company to find out about how to reduce energy costs related to how they run their business.

Why take the pledge?

There are a number of reasons why you should consider taking the pledge:

  • You can receive Air miles which can be used toward receiving many different discounts, offers, and merchandise.

  • Your pledge can have a positive impact on the environment.

  • Depending on what you pledge and the actions you take, you could reduce your monthly energy bill.

  • You could receive government incentives for participation the program.

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