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Halloween Safety Tips for Parents and Kids

October 23rd, 2012  |  Insurance

Whether you are going trick or treating or spending the night at a Halloween party, everyone needs to be a little more careful on Halloween and the weekend leading up to it. While we always warn drivers to be extra cautious on Halloween night because of all the people that are out and about, parents and children also need to pay more attention.

While distracted driving is especially dangerous on Halloween night, distracted pedestrians are just as dangerous to themselves and drivers. This is why it is so important for parents and children to pay attention to where they are going. It is dark outside and it is often difficult for drivers to see you with your costumes on.

The following are some important safety tips for parents and kids as they enjoy their evening celebrating Halloween:

  1. Stop at every curb: You never know when a vehicle will come out of nowhere. Always stop before crossing any street.

  2. Put your phones away: Pay attention to your surrounds. Put your phone away and pay attention to where you are going. If you need to use your phone, stop and talk. Don’t walk and cross the street while on the phone.

  3. Add some color: Try and add some color to your costume. This will make you more visible to drivers when you are walking down the street.

  4. Travel in groups: When trick or treating, try and do so in large groups. This will make you more visible to drivers, plus you will have more fun with your friends.

  5. Make yourself visible when crossing the road: Be smart and refrain from crossing the road in the middle of the street, and don’t walk out into the road between cars or from behind objects (bushes, light polls, street signs, and mail boxes) that could impair a driver’s ability to see you.

  6. Take a familiar route: Choose a trick or treating route that you and your children are familiar with. If you kids are old enough to go out on your own, map out a route for them so you know where they will be going just in case you need to find them.

Follow these tips and you will get home safe and sound and with lots of time to enjoy your Halloween treats.

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