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Great Family Friendly Places to Visit on March Break

February 9th, 2014  |  Travel Insurance

March Break is something that kids look forward to every year. Who doesn’t want a week off school, right? It is also traditionally a time during the year where you take your family on a vacation. Depending on what your family likes to do, your vacation could be spent somewhere warm or somewhere cold. You could stay close to home or you could travel to another province, country or even continent.

However, even though the travel possibilities are endless, there are a number of vacations that are great for the entire family. They include:

  1. Disneyland: Taking a trip to Florida with the family to Disneyland is one of the most popular March Break trip options. Whether you love Mickey, Minnie, or Goofy, there will be loads of fun for the entire family. The only question is what attraction are you going to visit first?
  2. Niagara Falls: Taking a trip down the QEW to Niagara Falls is also a very popular trip during the March Break. Outside of the falls itself, there is so much to see and do. You could take a walk down Clifton Hill, visit the Hershey Store, or even check out the Ripley’s Museum, and more.
  3. Ski Trip: If your family loves the outdoors and doesn’t mind the cold weather, then perhaps a ski trip should be on the itinerary for March Break. There are lots of places to ski in Ontario, and it you really want to make it a memorable trip you could go skiing in Montreal or even venture out west to world class ski reports in Whistler.
  4. Family Cruise: Going on a family cruise can be a lot of fun. One of the beauties of a cruise is that there are so many places that you can visit and you can even go on a themed cruise if you are looking for a unique experience. However, this option is probably not a good idea if anyone in your family gets seasick!
  5. Myrtle Beach: One of the best places to take a beach vacation in the United States is in Myrtle Beach. It is only a few hours by air to South Carolina, there is great shopping, golf, beaches, and there is literally a mini golf course on every corner. If you love seafood, this is a great travel option!

There is one other option for the kids – Grandma’s house! Parents if you don’t feel like taking the kids on vacation, why not drop them off for a visit to see their grandparents while you book a trip somewhere warm and sunny?

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