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Don’t Leave Home Before Considering These Packing Tips

February 10th, 2014  |  Travel Insurance

Love it or hate it, packing is something that you have to do before to go on a trip. For some, packing is a quick and easy process, but for others it can be the bane of their existence. Some people just hate packing, and because of this, they put it off until the last second. And, you know what that means – forgetting things!

To help out those that are not keen on packing, we have put together a list of packing tips to help out:

  • Make a list and check it twice: Before you even open your suitcase, the first thing that you should do is make a list of things that you want to bring on your trip. When you start packing you can use the list to check off each item. This will make it less likely that you forget anything.
  • Weigh your suitcase before you go to the airport: To avoid paying overage fees at the airport, it is a good idea to weigh your suitcase and make sure that it is not over the weight limit. Keep in mind that baggage allowances can be different depending on the airline that you use. Check with your airline.
  • You don’t need that many pairs of shoes: This tip is not just for shoe loving ladies. There is also no shortage of men that pack too many pairs of shoes for their trip. Shoes are big and take up valuable suitcase space. Make sure you only pack shoes that you will actually wear during your trip.
  • Don’t leave packing until the last minute: If you leave packing until the last minute, you are only asking for problems. Make sure you give yourself enough time to pack or you could find yourself without something important – like your phone charger or fresh underwear.
  • Double check you have travel docs: Even if you decide to ignore all the other tips on this list, make sure you follow this one. It is very important that you check all your travel documents and make sure that you have everything in order before you leave. Make sure you print everything off, have your passport and all verification numbers for travel plans and hotel reservations.
  • Know the carry on rules – Don’t be that person that holds up the line: Expect a few death stares at the airport by other travellers if you hold up the line at the security check point because you have too much liquid or nail clippers in your carry-on bag. Always check the carry on rules and make sure you are in compliance of these rules before you go to the airport.

These packing tips will help you get prepared for your trip and make it easier once you get to the airport. Knowing that you packed everything you need and have all your travel documents in order will reduce the stress associated with travelling and ensure you are prepared for everything on your trip.

Travelling in the near future? Where are you going? What travel tips to you use each time you pack your bags?

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