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Does Daily Commute Affect Auto Insurance Rates?

September 24th, 2011  |  Auto Insurance

Understanding the factors that have an impact on your auto insurance rates is important. Consumers that know what does and does not have an impact on how much they pay for insurance will be able to make the right decisions when it comes time to renew their auto insurance policy.

One thing that people commonly inquire about is the impact of their daily commute on their insurance rates. While each insurance company uses different considerations to estimate their rates, the majority do factor in your driving habits, including the distance you need to drive to get do and from work daily. The logic behind this information is that if you have a long commute each day, you will be spending more time on the road, which increases your risk as a driver. They may also factor in other things such as your location, time of day you are driving, and your proximity to highways.

So, does driving to and from work for a long stretch affect your auto insurance rate? It could. This is why it is important to talk to your insurance broker about things that impact your rates, especially if your policy is coming up for renewal and you want to weigh your car insurance options.

If you want to learn more about how your commute can impact your rates, give HUB Insurance Hunter a call. One of our insurance hunters would be happy to talk with you and help you find the best insurance rates. With us, you will get 3 quotes in 3 minutes! Get a quote today!


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