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Defensive Driving Principles

March 28th, 2013  |  Insurance

Part of learning to be a safe and effective driver is about understanding how to be a defensive driver. Defensive driving is about going beyond learning the rules of the road and how to operate a vehicle. It strives to help drivers focus on the road conditions in front of them and make the best driving choice possible to reduce collisions.

While many people have this misconception that defensive driving is about driving slow and being overly cautious, it is actually about being fully aware of your surroundings so you can anticipate a potential issue before it arises.

Defensive driving is based on the following principles:

  • Make sure that other drivers see you before making a move
  • Always know your surroundings and keep an eye on traffic conditions ahead
  • Keep your eyes moving and continuously scan your surroundings
  • Create space between you and other drivers at all times
  • Always remain calm
  • Be prepared to react to anything

Defensive driving is about being proactive. You need to not only put yourself in a position where you are safe and have the ability to react. You also need to make other drivers aware of your presence. You can never assume that other drivers will see you and you cannot predict what could happen in only a matter of seconds.

Using these defensive driving principles will help you be prepared for almost anything. Remember, being prepared and using defensive driving principles could be the difference between getting into an accident and safely averting danger.

Would you consider yourself a defensive driver? Why or why not? 

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