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In Dash Car Cameras

July 23rd, 2012  |  Insurance

In dash car cameras are becoming more prevent with everyday drivers. No longer are cameras only being used in police cars and business vehicles.

Being in an accident, let alone being the victim of an auto accident insurance scam, is a traumatic experience. How confident are you that you will remember all the details of the accident to prove your case?

Everyday drivers are now installing in dash cameras in their own cars as a protection mechanism. With Accident scams on the rise, people are not sitting back and taking it anymore. They are taking measures to protect themselves. And, in dash car cameras is one way to ensure that everything is recorded.

Accident scam rings are big business and they cost insurance companies billions of dollars each year. And, the more this happens; the costs are passed down onto you in the form of insurance rate increases

What can in dash car cameras do for you?

In dash car cameras have a number of benefits. While they can be used for many different things, they are now overwhelmingly being used to record evidence that you can use if you are in an accident or a victim of an accident scam ring. In this sense they are beneficial because:

  • You will have proof of what actually happened if you are in an accident

  • You can protect yourself from scammers

  • It can eliminate the “he said-she said” argument

  • You will have a record of your driving habits

  • You will have a record of road conditions if that is an issue as part of your case

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