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Creating a Summer Driving Play List

June 16th, 2013  |  Insurance

The summer is known as the time of the year when people do a lot of driving. People often go on road trips, drive up to the cottage, visit relatives that are out of town and take day trips to see some of the great special attractions that are close to home.

While most people are busy making sure they have packed up the car with everything they will need, there is one thing that people often think about and wish they had remembered before they left home – This is a summer driving playlist.

Tips for Creating a Summer Driving Play List

Creating a summer driving play list is one of those things that will put any road trip or summer vacation over the top. Who doesn’t love kicking back in the car listening to songs that were meant to be listened to while driving down the open road?

Here are some rules for creating the perfect summer playlist:

  1. Consider your audience and make sure there are songs for everyone to enjoy
  2. Make sure the list has a good mix of current hits and classic songs
  3. Don’t be afraid to use songs from multiple genres (even country songs!)
  4. Use an iPod and connect it to the car so you don’t have to limit your playlist
  5. Put it on shuffle and let it play for the whole trip – With the exception of switching to the traffic report if you get stuck in traffic!

Do you have a summer driving playlist? What songs are on it?

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