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Can I Take Off My Winter Tires Yet?

March 12th, 2014  |  Auto Insurance

Have you noticed the increasing frequency of tire commercials lately? It can only mean one thing – we are getting close to removing our winter tires. It’s only a matter of time now before we can take a road trip without having to brush the snow off the car first.

The second some of the snow starts to melt and whispers of spring are heard, people start wondering about if it is the time to remove their winter tires for the season. While many want to take them off so they can actually believe that spring is finally on the way, others want to avoid the long wait times and hassle of trying to book an appointment to get their tires removed.

So, when should I take off my winter tires anyway?

The magic number is 7 degrees Celsius!

As soon as the temperature in your area consistently remains at 7 degrees or above, it is time to take off your winter tires for the season. This means that someone in Ottawa might need to leave their winter tires on for a few extra weeks when compared to a driver that lives in Toronto or Windsor. It always comes down to the temperature and weather conditions in your area.

Can it hurt my winter tires if I leave them on too long?

Yes actually. Since your winter tires are made of a softer rubber material that is designed to help you get better traction on icy roads, they will wear much quicker in warmer conditions. The soft rubber is not designed for driving during warm conditions. Plus, summer tires are also much more fuel efficient, so if you leave your winter tires on you will be losing out when it comes to fuel efficiency – something that will cost you more at the pump.

In the same sense, taking your winter tires off too soon can also become an issue, especially if we get another snow storm. Mother Nature has been known to play tricks on us from time to time, so it’s important that don’t jump the gun and remove our winter tires too soon. You will have less traction and will be less equipped to handle winter road conditions with your summer or all-season tires.


Are you looking forward to finally taking off your winter tires for the season? Do you follow the 7 Degrees rule for winter tires?

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